Why You Shouldn’t Utilize A Crib Bumper

Why You Shouldn't Utilize A Crib Bumper

Do you know choosing a suitable crib model for your baby is as important as when selecting the best pack and play for travel? On the market today, there are many good available models but you should say “no” with crib bumper. Although it is a decorative part of most of nurseries attached to colorful mobiles, lovely quilts and great wall hangings, you had better know that it needn’t be really used.

Do you want your baby to get the risk elements in SIDS? Of course, it’s not. So don’t utilize it anyway. Any parents would like to protect their angels as safe and comfortable as possible, right? The hard slats of crib bumper seems to be the protective items effectively but actually, they don’t have the ability as your wish even more dangerous. (more…)

Countering the Guard: Locust Pose

Countering the Guard: Locust Pose

Whether or not we play BJJ, Locust Pose is an awesome back strengthening posture. As we all know, Core strength is essential in both Yoga and Mixed Martial Arts; the stronger the center of the body is the better balance we have and our movements are much more efficient.

For those who spend hours in Guard, we need to create balance.  We probably have abs of steel, hips that are flexible in one direction and shoulders that never touch the mat… over time, this will create discomfort and imbalance in the back, outer hips and shoulders.  Locust pose will help prevent injuries and nagging pains. (more…)

Do No Harm. Do Know Yoga!!!

Do No Harm. Do Know Yoga

My phone and email is blowing up because of this article (How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body).  So if you haven’t read it yet, take a moment.  ;)

There will always be evidence to support any beliefs and experiences.  However, my rebuttal is this:

The article is describing (in dramatic detail, I might add!) a couple of injuries that are extreme cases.   According to statistics, over 14.3 million people practiced yoga in 2010, and there are over 70,000 teachers registered to teach these Yogis.  Add in the various styles of Yoga to the equation, and well, our chances of strokes or other life altering (mostly temporarily) injuries are quite rare. (more…)

Guidelines for a Yoga Momma: whatever…

Guidelines for a Yoga Momma: whatever

There are certain guidelines that exist for a Mother / Yogini. Regardless of whether or not we are physically on the mat, these rules are mandatory:

No Phones Allowed: a cell phone ringing in the middle of a Yoga class just plain Sucks. Ditto in the life of a Mother. If I want anyone/everyone’s attention, all I need to do is pick up the phone. Suddenly, they scramble from every room with an emergency… multiple times… in one 5 minute conversation. Seriously?! (more…)