How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer Quickly

How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer Quickly

If your lashes are short and thin, let’s read this article to know how to make they longer really quickly so easy but effective. Hope that will be the secret for women who have the eyelashes not good. We all know that the eyelashes thin and short are innate, or genetic. But, we can still make our lashes better and grow as longer as possible. And castor oil for eyelashes can be seen as the best method that the women from ancient to modern use most.

In fact, most of the women haven’t considered taking care of their eyelashes yet but only use the mascara as a “potion” to be more beautiful. They may not know that using the mascara too much will make your lashes shed, dry and of course, difficult to develop. Eyelashes are a part quite singular on your body. Because eyelashes are so tender and sensitive, when they shed, they will be very difficult to grow again, and even if they can grow again, this process is very slow, too. So, let’s keep going taking care of your lashes to achieve long and thick eyelashes. But, instead of buying types of cosmetics that could stimulate your eyelashes to grow to be long and thick on the market without any assurances of whether the result will be the same of their advertisement or not, why don’t you use natural products to help your eyelashes better?

1. Coconut Oil

Maybe you have known that coconut oil includes a huge amount of nutrients that good for your hair and skin, such as vitamin E, vitamin C… Moreover, this medicine also includes one kind of fat named Triglycerides that can improve the eyelashes of everyone. Thus, taking advantage of coconut oil is really a smartly trick to lengthen your eyelashes. And especially, it doesn’t consume too much time. You just need use coconut oil on every night before sleeping, with a swab, let’s dip into the coconut oil to brush on your lashes like sweeping the mascara. And just after about 20 days, you will feel the clear change of your lashes.

One notice for you when using coconut oil is you ought to look for the pure type of oil to buy or if you can, let’s process it right at your home and you completely can assure that your eyelashes nourishing coconut oil have not any mess or chemicals.

2. Olive Oil

The effect of olive oil to your eyelashes is as same as the coconut oil. Besides, it can also support you in fighting to the process of aging for the skin area around your eyelid. Often brushing your eyelashes by olive oil could help them to grow smoother and longer. But, you have to pay attention that, do not absorb too much oil because the olive oil could stick on your eyes and it cause a sense of inconvenience.

How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer Quickly

3. Almond Oil

Together with the natural oil listed above, the almond oil is also very good. With a rich dose of vitamin E, this oil may be the best food to nourish your eyelashes. When you want your eyelashes to grow most quickly, let’s apply the almond oil on your lashes and let it stay overnight. And after waking up in the morning, you will wash your face as every day.

4. Vaseline

How is about the vaseline? Very easy, you will use the swab to dip into the vaseline and take a bit to apply on your lashes. Right then, sweep from the root to the top of your lashes. Because vaseline is very good for moisturizing, so it can create the best condition to make your lashes grow more briskly.

How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer Quickly

5. Vitamin E

The last medicine we want to introduce you is vitamin E. All thing you need to do is use a needle to pierce one vitamin E-ball, then let’s use a swab to take and apply the vitamin E oil on your lashes. Although you might feel sticky because of the oil of vitamin E, but it is really not dangerous to your eyes. At first, your eyelids would feel rather weighty, but when you are used to be use vitamin E for a time, you will know the needed amount you should take in each time to cover totally each eyelashes fiber.

How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer Quickly

Although as we mentioned, you shouldn’t use the mascara too much but you still should brush your lashes every day by eyelashes brushing tool. This tool looks like a small and tender comb and is sold very popularly in the cosmetics shops. As same as the effect of hair brushing, brushing your lashes will stimulate the eyelashes root to develop.

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