So Hip It Hurts

What are your favorite asanas (poses) for the ? Were you thinking Pigeon, Butterfly, Lotus, open Lunges, and the various creative modification that accompany each of these glorious hip openers. These postures tend to be very popular poses, and quite frankly some of my favorites 😉
But what do all three of these poses have in common?
They all externally rotate the hip. While it feels oh so yummy, we must also make sure that we are counter-balancing these poses with internally rotating asanas such as Eagle, Modified Hero, Revolved Balancing Half Moon, Revolved Triangle, etc.

Whenever we are practicing at home, make sure that we have a healthy of opening/closing postures; if we move one way think about a pose that will bring us into an opposing direction.  This creates and keeps us from over working ourselves in one direction, which can sometimes lead to imbalance or even injury.

Stay Happy and Healthy Posers!



Love What You Do! Own a Studio.

Wow! As many of you know, I am the proud new owner of SouthWind Yoga in , which is why the blogs posts have slowed.  It has been three months, and life is finally starting to settle back down and a new routine established, time to get back on track   🙂   Also, if anyone is interested in keeping up with the local scene, there will be additional blog posts on the studio’s website under the ‘blog’ tab.  I’ll try to not be redundant  😉  lol

Since this process began, I’ve had several friends in the Health and Fitness Industry email and message asking how do they start their own facility.  While sharing this newly found wisdom, I wondered just how many other Yogis were interested in opening a space but nervous about taking that first step.  I was so fortunate to have someone hold my hand throughout this process, and now I’d like to hold your hand!  (am I the only one who just had that Beatles song pop into their head??)

Step 1. Write a Business Plan.  Don’t worry.  It doesn’t need to be College Professor worthy, but write down your budget, equipment, goals, and ideas.  Get it down on paper!  This will help organize your thoughts and the path that you will want to take… when the red-tape gets a little thick, you’ll want to reference this paper to remind yourself that it will all be worth it in the end.  😉

Step 2.  Find a space.  With the current economy, there are quite a few buildings sitting around empty.  Find one that is convenient and within budget.  Remember that your business will grow so you don’t need to start out with a 3,000 sq ft room to fill.  Start small but THINK big.  Things always take more time than we expect, and no point in throwing away money.  Opt for a 12 month lease, knowing that you can renew if things progress slowly, or move to a larger space when things Boom!  IMO, a year is a good time table for a new business.

Step 3.  DBA.  Your Name… “Doing Business As ______”   You’ve probably spent sleepless nights thinking about a name for your space.  Now is the time to make it official.  Each city will be a little different, but usually City Hall is where you will want to go for paperwork.  If not, they can advise you where to go.   Average cost for this is about $25.

Step 4.  Inspection.  You’ve found your location, you’ve got your business name, now it’s time to make sure they both work together in harmony.  While you’re at City Hall, set up an Inspection for your new space.  Once they inspect and everything is hunky dory, you’ll need to file a CO.  Average cost for Inspection is about $25 plus anything that may need to be corrected… often times if you are renting a space the landlord will be responsible for additional costs of repairs.

Step 5.  CO.  aka Certificate of Occupancy.  People like to talk jargin/lingo, hence all the abbreviations here… so now you know it  😉   Back to City Hall…. with Inspection Report and DBA in hand, you now get that little slip of paper that hangs on the wall letting people know that you are allowed to be in that space.  *note* do not use your home address for this, use the business address.  This information will be visible on the CO, so you probably don’t want everyone to know where you live.  Learned this lesson the hard way  😉  Average cost for this is about $25.

Step 6.  Insurance.  Hopefully if you are already teaching you carry Liability Insurance, which protects you and your students.  If you are happy with your insurance provider, it may be as simple as a phone call to give them the square footage of your new studio.  I actually contacted the company that handles all of our other insurance needs (car, house, etc) and they were able to provide us with a fabulous and reasonable plan that covered everything for my new business.  Average cost for this is about $35 a month, but various plans are available.

Now back to Step 1.  Put your plan into action!!

Make friends with the other local business owners, they are a great resource for information!  They’ve been in your shoes.   Remember, you are not alone….  Rub elbows, kiss butts, make friends, learn the ropes.  This is all a part of this new adventure.  🙂

I thought this process would be a lot more expensive and overwhelming, so I always hesitated at the thought of owning a studio.  As you can see, the process isn’t very daunting or expensive.  However, I can only speak from my experience so yours maybe slightly different.  Also, be prepared to read fine print, and say no to sales calls that want to promote/highlight your business… there is always a fee, even when they say free.  And Always remember why we do this, our love and passion for !!

Good Luck and Enjoy this journey!!




SouthWind Yoga

I know I haven’t posted as much as I should lately… I’ve been a little distracted  😉  
Five years ago, we decided to venture from Jacksonville, FL to Charlotte, NC.  Shortly after we moved, my husband and I sat down and discussed where we wanted to be in 5-years. My goal was to own a .  So, here we are now, exactly five years later…. we have since relocated to Arkansas, and I am sooo excited to be the proud new owner of SouthWind in historical downtown Rogers, AR.

*Pinch Me!!*

Call it goal setting, setting an intention, visualizing your future… whatever it is, just do it!  🙂  You might be amazed at what can happen  🙂

And if you are ever in the “Natural State”, stop by and say hi!!